Sunday 12 JUN 22

Conditions Report-hot, Hot, HOT-muggy

Observation Conditions Report

Wind- SE 5

Visibility- 10.00 miles  

Sky Conditions-CLR     

Ambient Air Temp-83

Dew Point-76

Relative Humidity- 79%

Heat Index-91

Sea Level Pressure- 1011.8


Arrived at 1730 UDT and began grading the entrance area. Touched up road profile rough grading STA-0 to STA-0+50.

Sawed trees along an old 4-wheeler trail I have been using to reach the peak by 4WD F-150 and a small meadow on the peak. Significant maneuvering was necessary to make the transit, so I removed some of the biggest offenders. 

Tuna Salad for lunch.

After lunch I finished cutting and moving logs off of the 4-wheeler path. 

Ate more tuna salad for dinner


Ogle viewed the moon through binoculars from 0100 UDT to 0300 UDT. Observed ejecta patterns around Various impact craters. Made no drawings or pictures 

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