Observatory Log

Since equipment such as research grade telescopes are a finite resourse, most large observatories keep a daily log. Initially, we will not have such equipment but, we think it is important to acknowledge the gift we are given. In that spirit, we will attempt to keep a log of the activities on the observatory site. Unless otherwise noted, the log entries will all be written by the Resident Principle Investigator, Dallon R. Ogle, Jr., P.E.

Typically, an entry includes weather, seeing, times of observation and objects observed. As the observatory is constructed and the grounds are prepared, most entries will include chiefly construction activities.

Saturday 29 OCT 22

Observatory Log (site work) Saturday 29 OCT 22 Conditions Report-Cloudy light rain Arrived at 1700 UDT and tried to retrack the Bobcat T870. Apparently it is a two or three man job. The road to the top is largely built but, will require some tweaking. All the trees on the top have been excavated by…

Thursday, 9 JUN 22

No Conditions Report Location-Law Offices Today I closed on 10-acres in a Bortle-3 location in northwest Alabama. On the property there is a 763-foot MSL peak which is approximately 300 feet above the mean local elevation which should allow for minimal tree cutting around the new observatory. As it is in most of life, this…

Saturday 11 JUN 22

Conditions Report-hot-muggy Arrived at 1700 UDT and began grading the entrance area. Finished rough grading STA-0 to STA-0+50. Scouted potential road paths to the peak. Left before supper. No observations to report. is a sample blog post. You can edit it from My Site > Posts. We have a guide here: https://wordpress.com/support/posts/


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